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Thread: How can i permanently delete/deactivate my Facebook Account

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    How can i permanently delete/deactivate my Facebook Account

    Hey guys, need some urgent help from you all. To be frank, i am having 2 facebook account for myself with 2 different email IDs. One of them that is the oldest one, i want to delete it permanently. Its because of some personal security reasons. I am not concerned about the contacts, game points or anything i have on it, i just want to delete it from facebook. Could you guys please help me out ot do the same? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can i permanently delete/deactivate my Facebook Account

    Yes, you can do it in few minutes with just few clicks. But before that i would like to tell you that there is difference in "Deleting your facebook account" AND "Permanently deleting your facebook account". Hope you got the difference. Lets talk in detail about both of these terms.

    Deleting your facebook account

    • There are many people who delete their account for facebook but on temporary basis. by term temporary i mean that Facebook store your all data including friends, contacts, your settings, etccc in their Database. They dont delete it. Because they know people will come back and sign in their account. In this scenario, you can comeback anytime within 30 days (Or 60 days, am not sure), sign in again with the same email Address and you will get your facebook as it is back as you left it earlier.

    To delete your Facebook account temporarily, follow these steps:

    • Login to facebook account
    • Click on Account Settings from the drop down menu in the top-right corner
    • Now Click on Security from the left pane.
    • Here you will find an option named “Deactivate your account.”

    That’s it. You have just deleted your Facebook account (temporarily). No other users will be able to find you on facebook now onwards.

    Permanently deleting your facebook account

    Now lets talk about "Permanently deleting your facebook account". If you do this, that means you will not be getting your account back again. All your contacts, messages, settings, everything will be completely deleted from Facebook Servers and their Databases forever. You won’t be having any record left on facebook. If you try to login again with the same login credentials, you will get an error saying your Username of Password is wrong. If you want to delete your facebook account permanently, follow the below steps:

    • Login to Facebook with your Login credentials.
    • Now click on the following url: Permanently Delete Facebook Account
    • You will be asked to enter your password again. Enter and move ahead.
    • On next page you will get a big blue Button saying “Delete my Account”
    • Click it and you have successfully deleted your account for ever.

    Remember that from now onwards you wont get you facebook contacts, settings back as you have lost it forever.

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