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Thread: Send Free SMS and make Free Mobile International and Locals Calls with Viber App

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    Send Free SMS and make Free Mobile International and Locals Calls with Viber App

    As we know many Telecom Service providers faced huge loss since Whatsapp landed in the market. Every user started using Whatsapp for SMSing to their friends and relatives. Now the better time has come with ‘Viber’. We can send unlimited SMSes to individuals as well as in Group for free, similar to WhatsApp. But what makes it Unique is its Calling features.

    Once you installed Viber on your Smartphone, you can make absolutely free local and International mobile to mobile calls with very good voice quality. As per the developers, it is powere by cutting edge technology that gives you better than GSM call quality with HD sound. There is no disturbance in calls like we have most of the times when making international calls. Viber works with 2G, 3G and WiFi. What you need is your friend must also have installed Viber whom you are calling.

    Now if you think it is similar to Skype, Nimbuzz, Fring, etc as they also provide free calls, you are actually wrong. Best part with Viber is that you don’t need to make any account like we do in Skype, Fring or any other application. Viber just simply scans your phone contacts and uses the same. It makes a separate list of your contacts those who already using Viber so that you don’t need to search anyone manually. You don’t need to sign up with any extra account.

    Installation and Configuration is also very simple. As soon as you install and launch the app, it asks you to enter your mobile number. Once you are done, you will receive and SMS with its activation code. Next it will ask you permission to scan your contacts, and you are done. Now start sending SMS and make calls for free.

    As i said above, Viber is very similar to WhatsApp, it keeps running in background so that you stay connected always on viber and you waont miss receive incoming calls and message notification.. That could be little bad part because it may drain your battery but if you are already using Whatsapp or iMessage on iPhone, you should not be concerned for the same.

    Viber is completely free for download. There is no subscription amount. As of now Viber is available for iPhone, Android, blackberry and Windows Phones. If you want you can download one for you from below:

    Download Viber for iPhone
    Download Viber for Android
    Download Viber for Blackberry

    Download Viber for Windows Mobile

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    Re: Send Free SMS and make Free Mobile International and Locals Calls with Viber App

    Hey thats really great info about a great app. I would like to add something further. Not only you can send unlimited SMS with cool UI and make free calls, you can also send Images like we did in Whats App. Here also you can capture and send or you can choose any file from your gallery to send. sending images is very simple. You just need to tap on the Camera icon on your Viber just next to text field as shown in the image:

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