Its been just couple of months since Nokia rolled out a major update to its Symbian OS in form of Belle. And now they are looking forward a new update named Nokia Carla. In last couple of weeks there was a rumor that Nokia has cancelled the update and there will be no Carla in coming future but few days ago, Nokia has confirmed the launch of Carla in about 4th Quarter of 2012.

Nokia will launch the new OS with few new Nokia smartphones. As of now there are three devices confirmed to be launched with Carla and those are Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. Later few compatible devices can be upgraded to the same, such as Nokia PureView 808.

There are few but interesting changes done by Nokia in this upcoming operating system such as the Slide to unlock the device, its music player, huge change in the browser UI, New improved Widgets, Dolby surround, NFC, etcc. Lets wait and see what nokia is actually making with Nokia Carla.