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Thread: Galaxy S3 Pentile Matrix Screen VS Other displays

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    Galaxy S3 Pentile Matrix Screen VS Other displays

    I have heard about Pentile Matrix from many Samsung Galxy S3 users. I don’t know what it is, in fact i heard this term very first time in past few days. After doing few research on this i found that many people liked this new screen whereas lose their interest in Galaxy S3 due to the same. But i yet dint came to know what actually is pentile matrix.

    What are their benefits and how is it different from other AMOLED displays? Also is pentile matrix screen the reason behind people choosing HTC One X over Galaxy S3? Please help me understand what it is actually. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Galaxy S3 Pentile Matrix Screen VS Other displays

    It is pretty difficult to explain or to understand what is Pentile Matrix unless you have seen it yourself. But still, let me try my best to define it. Pentile is a technology of Samsung or i can say it’s a trademark of Samsung. It is actually a configuration of sub-pixels that are completely different from normal RGB pixels. I mean it refers effects such as pixelated , screen door, bit blurry or piezzo electric type of things. The subpixels integrated with Pentile can act as a part of several logical pixels and most probably hold pure white sub-pixels. Have a look at the screen comparison between normal RGB Display and Pentile Display:

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    Re: Galaxy S3 Pentile Matrix Screen VS Other displays

    Yes, personally i feel that the Pentile Screen made the HTC One X win over Galaxy S3. Many people disliked it and hence many more high end devices like Lumia 900, One X, etcc and stuck with RGB displays.

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