The top two telecom operators in India, Airtel and Vodafone has launched the new AADHAR based e-KYC solution for customers that activates their new prepaid or postpaid connections instantly. The solution came after notification from Department of Telecom (DoT).

With the help of this e-KYC, there won't be any paper documentation from now on which actually takes a couple of days to activate the connection. To provide instant activation, you just need to provide your AADHAR number and your fingerprint. That's e-KYC. Operators will get all the required Know Your Customer (KYC) details.

In fact, Vodafone has also developed a new application for retailers which will take your fingerprint and AADHAR details to activate your connection instantly. This service is already available in 4500 Vodafone stores which will be expanded in over 10000 outlets by September across the country including urban and rural areas.

Similarly for Airtel, the time you provide your Fingerprint and AADHAR details, it will be matched instantly with the UIDIA database to instantly activate your new prepaid or postpaid connection. Well, this is indeed a good news for customers. They now don't need to wait for long to get their new mobile connections activated.