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Thread: How to fix Error Code 315300 in Diablo III

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    How to fix Error Code 315300 in Diablo III

    As i have seen many articles here on Various Error codes about Diablo 3, even i have a Error code for which i need some help. Hope you guys will help me surely. Actually I tried to login on the game and it was prompting with following error message

    Your login information was incorrect. Please try again (Error 315300)
    How that can be possible ? I have saved my login credentials in a document file and hence i can say that its absolutely correct. Even I tried to change the password but it did not worked for me. I have done whatever i could do but yet no solution. Do you guys have any idea about this error? I would really appreciate all your helps.

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    Re: How to fix Error Code 315300 in Diablo III

    It is probably the cause of game cache. Just go to the following location:

    C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache Folder

    and make sure that it has Administrator Group, User Group and Owner privileges into Folder settings. Also check out that foreign language appdata files should not be corrupted.

    Now try to login with the game. If you still get the same error, Just go to Folder Options, Click on VIEW, check mark Show Hidden Folders and OK. Now Open C:\Program Files and and blizzard entertainment folders. Thats it. It should now work.

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    Re: How to fix Error Code 315300 in Diablo III

    I dont think the cause of this error is from our end, it is possibly from or Blizzard's end. Because there are thousands of people around the world facing this problem and have created many queries on their forum. But still they are unable to fix it. Very Sad thing.

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    Re: How to fix Error Code 315300 in Diablo III

    Hello Friends, and you are correct Rahul. There are tons of users around the world facing this problem but there are 100s of gamers who already fixed it themselves without waiting any response from Blizzard.

    Solution is very simple. Just follow the below steps:

    • Create new Windows User Account on your system with all Admin rights.
    • Restart the PC.
    • Login to your new User Account.
    • Launch the game and try login in.

    You will not get error 315300 any more. You can reply me if it wont worked for you but am sure it will work.

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