After launching the revolutionary Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III in US and Europe in the first week of May, Samsung India has started taking the pre-order from Indian users as well. Samsung India is launching the device on 31st May in Indian Markets.

You can book a unit for yourself at just Rupees 2000/- and the rest you will need to pay within 3 days after the launch of the device. by doing so, you also get an Samsung Bluetooth Free worth Rs. 3000/- along with your Galaxy S III smartphone. If you really want to have one for you, you should be fast because there have already more than 9 million pre-orders done.

As we have already talked about all features and specifications of Galaxy S3 here, i dont think i need to mention it features again but just as a highlight for new users, Samsung Galaxy S III includes:

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 12.19cm (4.8 inch) HD Super AMOLED
  • Social Tag, Buddy Photo Share
  • Pop Up Play, Smart Alert
  • Smart Stay, S Voice & Direct Call
  • And many many more features, hence its called revolutionary

In order to Pre-Order a Galaxy S3 for yourself, just click here and follow the instructions. As soon as you make the payment of 2000/- Rupees as an advance payment, you will get an electronic coupon that will be required at the time of purchasing or making the final Payment for the device.