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Thread: Is SSD worth buying

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    Is SSD worth buying

    I am just questioning whether by means of solid state drive actually worth the money? I heard that it would make the machine operate faster. What else can it look after? (Does the applications run faster as well?) What is the best size of SSD for myself to acquire if I plan to Install windows 7, Office and some game application? Please forgive my silly questions , because I am new , I do this things

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    Re: Is SSD worth buying

    An SSD will enable the applications to start up faster but in maximum cases it won't make them run any quicker after they're been loaded. I've overheard a lot of folks markdown the value of of an SSD for that reason , but once you've used it it's tough to go back. 40GB is perhaps on the lesser side, 80GB would perhaps be more than enough.

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    Re: Is SSD worth buying

    None of the movement on the hard disk will disturb the lifetime of your SSD. It's simply writes to the SSD itself that will disturb it's lifespan. My Windows 7 system writes an average of 5GB every day to its SSD, so that implies it must last 20 years under Intel's "20GB/day for 5 years" rule.So I guess you have got your reply that you actually wanted.

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