So finally Microsoft launched its own Social Network that was in private beta since December 2011. Its ‘’ silently launched by Microsoft today. Microsoft launched this social network ( for learning potentials and many more. Though it seems like Social Network Giant Facebook got a new competitor (obviously after Google+ a year ago), but Microsoft claims that its not compete with Facebook.

The latest release from Microsoft (that sounds ‘Social’) is the latest experiment from FUSE Labs that is meant for learning purpose with both combined search and social networking. With the help of, people can search web pages, they can do social networking as well as they can share live video. It also provides media sharing to group efforts and support interface.

In addition, Microsoft added on FAQ “We expect students to continue using products such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other existing social networks, as well as Bing, Google and other search tools. We hope to encourage students to reimagine how our everyday communication and learning tools can be improved, by researching, learning and sharing in their everyday lives.” That means we don’t need to quit using Bing, Google, Twitter, facebook or any other such search engine or social sites.

Microsoft said they have to give confidence to people, student for knowledge of learning /Sharing in day to day life. And it also said that this (Social) is not made to compare with any search engine or Facebook. It is made to give student to support their friends for scholastic.When you use it’s been displayed to your friends also and all your community too.

Well, if you are interested you can join this fresh Social network by just visiting You can login with your existing Facebook ID or Microsoft’s own Live ID.