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Thread: How to get Windows 10 for Free after July 29th also

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    How to get Windows 10 for Free after July 29th also

    I was thinking if it is possible to get the official Windows 10 for free even after July 29th?

    As we all know Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29th 2015 for free and they announced to keep it free upgrade for 1 year, which is ending 29 July 2016. Since my laptop is running original Windows 7 and it is provided by my company, hence in cannot change the operating system until a certain period which is ending in the end of August this year. So, i can install Windows 10 in September. But until then Windows 10 will be paid software, right?

    So, i wanted to know if there is any trick we can download Windows 10 as free upgrade then also, like we do it now.

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    Re: How to get Windows 10 for Free after July 29th also

    Yes, of course you can get Windows 10 for free after July 29th also. But there's a little process you need to go through right now.

    See, officially Microsoft will stop seeding Windows 10 free upgrade on the provided date. But, as per your situation where you are recommended to run Windows 7 until August, here's a small tip you must follow.

    Since you dont want your company to know you change OS, on any Holiday day use the "Get Windows 10" Icon and upgrade your PC to Windows 10. You can also use the Windows 10 Upgrade tool alternatively. It is a process of about 2 to 3 hours to Download and complete the installation/upgrade.

    Once the PC is fully running Windows 10, make sure it is Activated properly by going to Settings > Update & Security > Activation. All OK? Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and click "Get Started" button below Go Back to Windows 7. This will revert your computer back to the earlier Windows 7 operating system. But you will be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 any time even after July 29th.

    And you company will still see Windows 7 running on the PC.
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    Re: How to get Windows 10 for Free after July 29th also

    Thank you very much Moderator for such helpful tip. I will surely give it a try tonight itself.

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