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Thread: How to Lock Apps using Fingerprints on any Android smartphone

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    How to Lock Apps using Fingerprints on any Android smartphone

    Now a days, most of the new smartphones come with Fingerprint Sensor for adding extra security to your smartphones. You can lock your phone with your fingerprint which cannot be unlocked by anybody else. But, since Fingerprint sensor is so strong, why only use it for locking the phone? Why can't use it for more?

    Now, there are very few smartphones whose sensor's also let you capture Selfies or launch few selected apps. But very few. What if you can also use the same Fingerprint Sensor for locking your Apps? Instead of using Patterns or Pin/passwords which can be seen by people around you, you can also simply lock it with Fingerprint. Yes, that's possible. Wanna know how?

    There is an App called 'App Lock: Fingerprint Password'. Regardless of your phone's operating system support, if it has fingerprint scanner, you can make it to lock your apps also. By doing so, you can remain tension free while handing over the phone to any of your friends or family members. Keeping all your romantic whatsapp messages or facebook girlfriend hidden from everybody.

    You can download the 'App Lock: Fingerprint Password' APK from above link. It is a free tool but has some in-app purchase which you only need to buy if you want to use. However, the free app is sufficient to offer all required features you need to keep your private information safe.

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    Re: How to Lock Apps using Fingerprints on any Android smartphone

    How to Setup App Lock: Fingerprint Password:

    • First of all, of course, you need to download and install App Lock: Fingerprint Password on your phone/tablet
    • On next screen register with your Email address. This is for your security, in case your forget the password or Fingerprint stops working
    • On next screen, it will prompt you to grant “Apps with Usage Access“. Do the needful.
    • Now in the app, tap on 'Privacy' tab and mark all apps which you want to lock
    • Now tap on 'Protect' tab.
    • Here you will find three ways of locking the apps, i.e. Pattern, Security lock and Fingerprint.
    • Enable the third option, Fingerprint sensor.

    That's it. Now every time you try to access the locked apps, it will asked for your Fingerprint.

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