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Thread: Nero wave editor helpful for voice reduction while recording audio file

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    Nero wave editor helpful for voice reduction while recording audio file

    I have a Nero wave editor for sound editing software. Initially when I recorded one audio it was giving me a background noise and a lot of bass. Actually I have recorded that audio in public place where there was too much noise around me. With the help of Nero Wave Editor I go to tools and select equalizer, I select bass cut, it’s ok but when I put an mp3 file on it ,it ripped my MP3, and I feel some issue?

    I have change my mind to get a new software. Is it my right choice, can anyone suggest me?

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    Re: Nero wave editor helpful for voice reduction while recording audio file

    In comparison with the first version of the software, Nero wave editor has a number of new enhanced feature , such as support for direct and VST plug ins ,an overview of the exiting processing steps allow you to fix your background noise. Also crossheading allow you to create professional recording without pausing and hissing noise, it also having a high quality Declicker feature which suppress the individual hissing and clicking noises from records. Also one of the main great feature its having is that ‘decrackler ‘which remove constant background crackling are two of the just great feature.

    Nero wave editor is totally non destructive and even there is no chance of modifying an original file in this software. Another great feature of this software having’ extrapolation’ option from where we can change the sounding effect like an old and dull sound. You can also use this to tool to achieve your purpose.

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    Re: Nero wave editor helpful for voice reduction while recording audio file

    If you really not comfortable with this software you can also use other software like ‘Wave Creator OR Rip Edit Burn Plus. I suggest you to use wave creator, it is having a great feature like
    • Full Featured Wave Editor/Recorder
    • WAV and MP3 Editor and Converter
    • Normalize, Equalize, Fade In and Fade Out your music
    • Create Sound Effects with Backwards, Chorus, and Echo

    It is simple and less complex as compared to ‘Nero editor’, with Nero editor wave file you can edit MP3’s or wave file you download from the internet or record any wave file from any source where your computer support.

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