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Thread: D-Link DIR-651 wireless N 300 Router compatibility with 10-100 systems.

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    D-Link DIR-651 wireless N 300 Router compatibility with 10-100 systems.

    I recently bought a new DLink DIR-651 wireless N 300 Router. As am new to this, need some help. Actually i wanna connect 10-100 Ethernet computer with this router and i dont know how to do that. That is later part as of now what i need to know is will it manage my system properly as compared to this router ? please suggest me an solution for it ?

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    Re: D-Link DIR-651 wireless N 300 Router compatibility with 10-100 systems.

    The router which you are using is having speed thrice greater than your pc port, so router will send the data at very high speed i.e. 1000 gigabyte, and your pc port can receive a data at 100 mbps. Hence ultimately it will create traffic on your pc port which can manage up to 100 mbps. It will work but conversation takes little time. In case if you bring some advanced Ethernet cable which having high speed data transfer technology like cat 5 cable, try it and repot me instead its showing any problem at this link.

    Once you power on your system just wait for some time until your modem or router show you a green light. And then try to access internet not before because your 10-100 port will take some time for conversation, than it will work smoothly.

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