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Thread: Windows 10 Build 14328 Brings several Cool new features to PC and Mobile

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    Windows 10 Build 14328 Brings several Cool new features to PC and Mobile

    Microsoft has rolled out yet another Insider Preview for fast Ring users with Build number 14328. This doesn't comes with fixes and little enhancements, but with some really cool features that will help us increase the productivity. Let's take a look at the highlights:

    1. Windows Ink
    2. Updated Start experience
    3. Cortana and Search improvements such as Cortana on your Lock Screen
    4. Improvements to Action Center and Notifications
    5. Updates to the Taskbar and Settings app
    6. Ability to switch virtual desktops with your touchpad
    7. Lock Screen improvements
    8. Updated credential and UAC dialog user interface, Skype UWP Preview app, and File Explorer
    9. Improved battery life for Surface and other connected standby PCs
    10. Improved Japanese IME

    That's all we get as new Features added in this build apart from a huge list of fixes for Mobile and PCs both. With Windows Ink you can now write on your screen like paper. Make sticky notes, make sketchpad and more. The Start Menu now comes with merged Recent Used apps and All Apps list. Now find your apps more faster and comfortably. Cortana has not only come smarter but also accessible from lock screen. You can now ask questions without even unlocking the display. There's much more. Let's take a look at the complete Change Log.

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    Re: Windows 10 Build 14328 Brings several Cool new features to PC and Mobile

    The list of Bug Fixes in Insider Preview Build 14328 contains:

    • We fixed the issue causing the Visual Studio emulator for Windows 10 Mobile and Hololens to fail with “An authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted”. Developers should be able to use the emulator on this build.
    • We fixed the issue causing the Xbox One Controller to lag and become hard to use when connected to your PC.
    • We fixed an issue where the two factor authentication dialog wasn’t formatted correctly after an error is received.
    • When you open a second app in tablet mode, it will appear side-by-side with the first app (split-screen). When you close one of these apps, it should become full screen.
    • We fixed an issue where default column widths for Task Manager were too narrow on high DPI devices.
    • We fixed an issue where restarting your PC might become stuck on “Restarting…” screen rather than prompting “Are you sure you want to Restart?” when unsaved work is present.
    • We’ve updated the Shutdown Windows dialog to use a modern icon.
    • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t see the Chinese Input Method Editor candidate list while in full screen mode for games, as well as resolved an issue where using it in the Settings search box would cause Settings to crash
    • We fixed an issue that might result in a notification that cannot be dismissed.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in overlapped icons and clipped text in File Explorer when display is using a very large font size.
    • We fixed an issue causing Quicken to not launch. However, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Quicken to get out of a bad state.

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