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Thread: Diablo III freezes at 'Updating setup files..' Solution

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    Diablo III freezes at 'Updating setup files..' Solution

    Hi, i found same great solutions here regarding Diablo 3, hence signed up as i too facing a problem with newly downloaded game. Yesterday night i dowloaded a digital copy of the game, download was successful but when i tried to launch the game a pop up appeared saying "Updating Setup Files". I waited for few seconds, than few minutes and not finally for an hour but the process is not getting completed

    There was a progress bar that was stuck at around 62 percent. I killed it from taskmanager and restarted the process but this time it is stuck on 65 percent. What is the problem here ? Am sure system requirement is not the problem because i am having a high end gaming PC and it meets the recommended system requirements for diablo 3. Please help.

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    Re: Diablo III freezes at 'Updating setup files..'

    Dont worry friend, there is 100% FIX available for this problem. Just follow these few steps:

    • Open Control panel
    • Click on Administrative Tools
    • Now Click Services
    • Now scroll your mouse below and locate a service named 'Secondary Logon'
    • Wait dont click it. Here you need to right click this file and go to its Properties
    • Here you will find an option "Disabled". Simply change it to "Automatic" and close this window.

    Thats it. Now Right click the Diablo 3 setup and select "Run as Admin". Again you will get the same pop up with "updating setup files" but this time it will not stuck. if it gets stuck, dont get hyper wait for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, it will clear it for sure and brings you the install screen.

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    Re: Diablo III freezes at 'Updating setup files..'

    yeah, thats absolutely correct. Even the game officials mentioned the same thing on D3 community saying "If you try running the Diablo III Setup.exe file and nothing appears to be happening, check to see if the Windows Service for Secondary Logon is enabled. The game requires it and will not run if it's disabled."

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