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Thread: Which are the Best Video Games for HTC One X

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    Which are the Best Video Games for HTC One X

    hey guys, need a few suggestions. i recently bought a new HTC One X after lot of comparison between One X and galaxy S3. Finally am happy to make the right decision ;D

    Anyways, am here to know about some video games. Could you guys please suggest me some good or i can say Best Video Games for my One X ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Which are the Best Video Games for HTC One X

    You came to the right place. I was just about to post a new article containing the top 7 games i have played on my few Android devices. Hope you too will like it. Have a look below:

    Death Rally:

    Death Rally is a free racing game in which there is two ways to win: being the fastest or killing opponents to hit the machine gun and bombs. And in the future post-apocalyptic Death Rally is no place for sportsmanship. Each car of Death Rally is armed to the teeth with machine guns and cannons coming out the sides, steel spikes on the fenders and pieces of armor. When the light turns green, you must have one foot on the throttle and one hand on your gun. As in the original Death Rally , the mobile version has a large number of circuits, improvements and vehicles.

    The excellent 3D graphics, the best we've seen so far require a powerful mobile phone, so do not expect it to work well in an old Android. In terms of playability, Death Rally is immense. The controls have been designed with considerable care, and while not easy to handle with the touch screen, after a while can be achieved fairly accurately.

    Download Death Rally for your HTC One X

    Angry Birds Rio:

    Angry Birds Rio uses the same gameplay as the original Angry Birds and its derivative Angry Birds Seasons . You have several birds to send to the particular characteristics of constructions of wood, glass or iron you need to methodically demolish. Unlike previous episodes, the green pigs have disappeared in Rio Angry Birds! Here, our hero must issue birds other birds in a cage, locked in the hold of an airplane. At least that's what provided the first table, the following takes place in the jungle, the beach, the carnival against signs and playful on the tarmac of an airport.

    Download Angry Birds Rio for your HTC One X

    Racing Moto:

    Motorcycle racing is a small unpretentious free game for Android OS that puts the player in the shoes of a motorcycle rider at full speed on the highway. Motorcycle racing is taken in hand very easily since you can just never press anywhere, but it is not in your interest. The goal is to go as far as possible on the road. The faster you go, the higher the score counter is running, but obstacles are also harder to avoid. Obstacles in Motorcycle Racing cars are occupying one or more of three lanes of the highway. By tilting the phone right or left, avoids these obstacles that you will quickly reverse and stop the race. You only have one life.

    The category of games where you go as far (or above) is already filled with Doodle Jump and Other Mega Jump. Although it offers no bonus to pick up along the way, Moto Racing is not that bad of its kind, with acceptable graphics. Too bad there is only one game mode and one motorcycle.

    Download Racing Moto for your HTC One X

    Dungeon Defenders:

    Dungeon Defenders is an RPG and Tower Defense game. You must push back the evil creatures and defend your land Etheria. At launch, you can choose between four heroes. Each character has his own fighting style (sword, magic, bow or ax). To accumulate experience points and wealth, you should emerge victorious in battles in which you participate. The suite has all the classic RPG: your XP points can be converted into new weapons, armor more resistant to or still learning new techniques.

    Dungeon Defenders offers rich environment and a soundtrack that fits the game very well thought out, the difficulty level is very gradual, allowing beginners to try their hand. The gameplay is pretty good and the chaotic pace of play. Overall Impressive in terms of graphics, RPG Dungeon Defenders is a challenging book to the latest phones. The gaming experience on shelves is a treat and should please all fans of the genre.

    Download Dungeon Defenders for your HTC One X

    Fruit Ninja:

    Fruit Ninja is a really addictive game of skill. Move your finger across the screen, and you can cut as much fruit. Also available in multiplayer mode, both locally and online, A rap and away: the melon is cut in two. Another stroke of the sword, and also the lemon is cut. In Fruit Ninja have a single, precise, objective: to cut the fruit with your sword before it touches the ground? To slice the fruit you need only move your finger across the screen of your smartphone Android. But watch out for the bombs, if you lose a life if you touch them. Fruit Ninja is a simple but brilliant, and soon became dangerously addictive. The feeling that the slice the fruit with a single stroke of the finger is priceless and you'll find yourself playing it very often. The graphic design is just as good sound effects. Ultra addictive, different modes of play, good flow control.

    Download Fruit Ninja for your HTC One X

    Grand Theft Auto 3:

    Grand Theft Auto 3 is the third game in the hugely popular and controversial GTA series, the first 3D giant set in Liberty City. The tenth anniversary of the game gives us a version for phones Grand Theft Auto 3 is set in Liberty City, the Big Apple in the same city, and Rockstar version of GTA IV. In this chapter you play as Claude Speed, a criminal went to jail after being betrayed by his girlfriend. Revenge will be the main theme of the whole history of the game.

    The basic gameplay of GTA III is the same as the first two episodes, which are integrated new possibilities for action. Besides stealing cars, running away from police and hitting innocent pedestrians, you find yourself engaged in third-person 3D shooting and go into stores to rob. The controls of Grand Theft Auto 3 are well adapted to the mobile device, the different actions (shoot, run, or get in the car) can be created with buttons that appear on the touch screen. Steer the vehicle is not possible due to the right and left, a system a little 'uncomfortable but which can be remedied through the options menu. We believe that use the accelerometer as in GT Racing: Motor Academy makes the experience much more enjoyable.

    Download Grand Theft Auto 3 for your HTC One X

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