Skype for Android lets you make calls using WiFi or 3G connection and send messages or multimedia files like photos or video. You can access your Skype account, call the phone numbers or contacts on Skype, chat and send and receive text messages. All this, simply and with a very good sound quality. Among its options, Skype for Android has auto start, can activate the voice mail, manage your credit, view and manage contacts and change your status, and more. Everything from a very minimalist environment, easy to use and attractive.

Download Skype for HTC One X from here.

Qik Video:

Qik Video is video sharing in real time: using your camera phone and immediately send you to record what your eyes see your friends and family. There are three possibilities for video sharing Video Qik: video calls over 3G or WiFi, sending video embedded in messages or upload your videos to your account Qik Video Connect for all to see instantly can. Qik Video To use this service you must register, owned by Skype. You will be assigned an account and a direction to be broadcast in streaming so you record with your camera phone. Qik Video has several options for sharing your recordings: via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you wish, you can share your GPS position by your comments and let your audience.

Download Qik Video for HTC One X from here.


Imo instant messenger chat application is from Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat and many more from the same program. Still in development also allows voice calls to other phones Android. The advantage of imo instant messenger do not have to install multiple applications just add your usernames and passwords for each service to start talking to any of the services it supports. Among its options, imo instant messenger allows simultaneous, change your status in one or more separate client or see which contacts are online or offline. As a downside, imo instant messenger is not able to organize your contacts, Very simple to use, attractively designed and compatible with major chat, instant messenger imo is a good alternative for lovers of the chat conversation.

Download Imo for HTC One X from here.


OoVoo Video Chat is a free app calls and videoconferencing. It is easy to use and supports up to five people in one video. For many it is better than Tango and even Skype. To start using ooVoo need to create an account, a quick and uncomplicated operation. In the contact list friends are using ooVoo. If not, can search by ID or invite to use the application. In addition to voice calls and text messages, ooVoo offers video unlimited, its broad appeal, and something that leaves WhatsApp light years away. If your mobile phone and data connection are capable of withstanding the pressure, you ooVoo Video Chat with up to five people, although the video quality and sound ooVoo can still improve, our impressions are clearly positive. In Windows the quality of ooVoo we were pleasantly surprised, and the Android version is not for less. Now you can say goodbye to the SMS and video call charges.

Download OoVoo for HTC One X from here.


Nimbuzz is a complete solution for chat and phone calls via VoIP to any of your Messenger contacts, Facebook, Google Talk, etc.. Once you register with Nimbuzz you can configure all the accounts you need and you will see a single list with the contacts you have in each of the accounts. An icon next to each one lets you know which account belongs to and you can choose to start a chat, call, or send a voice message, a photo or email. Nimbuzz Mobile takes advantage of allowing share photos or music while you talk with your friends.

Download Nimbuzz for HTC One X from here.