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Thread: What is Flipkart Wallet and how to use it?

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    What is Flipkart Wallet and how to use it?

    Have you guys heard about Flipkart Wallet? Or Flipkart Money? I was browsing Flipkart app on my mobile and noticed this new option in the menu. Since it is not like the other digital wallets like PayTm or similar, i am not able to understand how exactly it works and what is it for. Can anyone please guide me with the same? Thank you.

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    Re: What is Flipkart Wallet and how to use it?

    It is just like all other wallets but this can be used only with Flipkart. That's the only difference. However, it brings you so many important features to make your shopping more comfortable on flipkart. Features such as instant refunds, quick payments and allows easy withdrawals.

    For example, earlier when we used to cancel any item, we had to wait weeks to get the refund in our accounts. But now, it will be instant. No more waiting for weeks. Also, no matter you bought via COD or netbanking, if you are returning any item, all the refund will come to your Walltet only.

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    Re: What is Flipkart Wallet and how to use it?

    I didn't see it so difficult. You just need to tap 'wallet' from the main menu from any screen, enter your name and email and done.

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    Re: What is Flipkart Wallet and how to use it?


    Happy to see a forum for retailers. Last week, I got a call from flipkart guy to sell in their website. I know everyone uses flipkart but I dont know about the business side. Can you share your experience with flipkart, it will be helpful.


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