Here are the top 6 useful applications for your smart HTC One X Device. Just have a look.


devices: it synchronizes them via the internet on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile phones with any OS. Ideal for making backups, share files and work in groups. If you often move your files from computer to phone and vice versa, you know that every time you modify a document, you have to remember to overwrite the old version or to save a new copy of all the memories.

Dropbox lets you sync content between multiple computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile devices ( iPhone , BlackBerry ), automatically and intuitively. You can also use it to share photos or music with friends or collaborate with remote colleagues. With the Android app, Dropbox allows you to navigate through your documents synchronized online and view any file format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, Pages, web pages and text files. Moreover, thanks to sharing features simplified post a link to a friend to download a file instantly even if not using Dropbox. Dropbox for Android also integrates with other apps like Evernote, Gmail and Skype to allow you to export your files more conveniently.

Also, Dropbox allows you to load your account not only the photos and video shots / register with the smartphone, but other types of files and then share them with friends, even in real time. Photos and videos can be automatically loaded and the first time you engage in this transaction your space increases to 500 MB.


WebSharing allows you to transfer files to and from your smartphone using any web browser. Using this application is pretty simple, after installing this application on your device you can connect and browse the various directories on your Android Phone with your computer by typing the IP address displayed and the password in your browser.

Google Earth:

Google Earth has no borders. The application of computer legend is also available on Android for the happiness of all. Free and intuitive, this application lets you explore the world at your fingertips brilliantly exploiting the touch screen and accelerometer smartphone and tablets. Google Earth takes you virtually on our planet through a collage of maps, satellite images, reconstructions and 3D images. The browsing experience is impressive, with excellent resolution and a 3D display of the most beautiful effect. You can zoom, rotate, pointing, tilting and almost similar to PC version.

If you want to explore a specific location, the application has powerful search engine and voice recognition to give directions aloud. Google Earth for Android is ideal for owners of shelves where he gives his best, especially with the StreetView feature. Google Earth is able to display geographic coordinates and allows you to view text and images integrated from Wikipedia and Panoramic. Do not wait another minute and start now your virtual trip around the world!


Springpad is an application for creating notes, jot down ideas and make lists that stand out for its design. Very easy to use, with Springpad can always sync all your notes. This is possible because Springpad has a web service that lets you access information from the computer also. Springpad works from books you can organize your data, add multimedia and even use reminders. Comprehensive and efficient Springpad is undoubtedly one of the great uses to keep your information in sync and accessible from anywhere.


Evernote is an online service that lets you store notes to which you can access from your PC, Mac and now also from your Android phone. Once you've created your account and you can share Evernote content from any computer or from your phone. You can choose to create text notes, upload files, use the phone as a voice recorder or capture images with the camera and share them. The Evernote for Android interface is clear and intuitive. The main services are accessible from the main screen and all the tools such as voice recording or imaging work very fast.

Aldiko Book Reader:

With the Aldiko Book Reader you can access to an online library. This invites one free or buy Ebooks subject of numerous catalogs and publishing services on the phone and read electronic books directly from the app. Likewise, you can import your own ebooks and read. Aldiko Book Reader provides access to a range of online catalogs with free or paid ebooks. You browsed available in different languages, according to author, title or subject categories by each publisher offers. The catalogs contain detailed information about each track. The desired Ebooks you download directly. Aldiko Book Reader saves the eBooks in their library.

Aldiko Book Reader also offers its own collection of books in the search by various criteria such as keywords, authors or subjects. The reader presents one page of text in full screen mode. It scrolls with a finger swipe through the books. With gestures, you get into the options menu, from where you can set fonts and layout or the display brightness.