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Thread: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

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    Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    Hope many of you guys have already played Sniper Elite V2, but I got late as started playing just few hours ago. Now as my title suggests, dint you guys got annoyed with the X-Ray KillCam ? Well, I am. It could a great feature for new gamers but not for a real gamer like me because it just wastes too much time after a shot. We need to wait for about a minute after firing every bullet as shown in this video:

    So, what I need is an option for disabling this X-Ray KillCam so that I can complete the game faster. I know there must be some option for disabling the same because I heard that this option comes pre-disabled with game copies sold in German.

    Do you guys have any idea how to do that ? If yes, please share.

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    That’s correct, it is annoying for few guys, but there is nothing like new gamer or a hardcore gamer. Many high end gamers even appreciated this new feature of X-Ray KillCam. Even I loved that feature too. By the way, I don’t think there is any such feature.

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    Yeah me too appreciate the KillCam feature but not completely. I mean KillCam is obviously a nice to have feature, way the bullet follows is cool but what i dint liked is the x-ray. But as you said you need wait for a minute after every shot, i dont agree with this. X-Ray killcam wont appear after every shot dude. As per my expereince of about 12hours, it appears on the best shots only., I mean, as a ration it use to be 6 times for 10 shots. Am i wrong ?

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    Thats absolutely correct bharat. Killcam occurs only for the best shots and not for each and every shot you fire. But anyways, even I am one of the people who searching options to disable this feature as there are many more problems with this. Like when you have 5 to 6 enemies infront of you, due to killcam you forget your next target. So, if there is any option, please let me know too.

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    Thank God am not the only one, Finally i got one more guy who wants to disbale the KillCam.

    And thanks for all of your suggestions guy, really appreciated,. As you said there is no option to disable this KillCam, could you guys please tell me where can i get the German Version of Sniper Elite V2 as there is no killcam 8)

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 - Disabling the annoying X-Ray KillCam

    If you really wanna get rid of X-Ray KillCam, i think the german version is the best option. But still i guess in every game we have options somewhere to turn OFF or ON any of the game features. It should be in Sniper Elite v2 as well but i guess we are not able to find it.

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