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Thread: Prototype 2 Error on Xbox 360

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    Prototype 2 Error on Xbox 360

    Hi, 2days ago I bought a copy of one of my favorite game Prototype 2 for my Xbox console. I was happy to start the game but as soon as I tried to install the game on my Xbox hdd I get an error saying that my game CD is having scratches or it is damaged. That was ridiculous because it was a new DVD that came out of the box just seconds before getting this error.. I tried many times but still got the same error.

    So just to confirm, I borrowed a DVD from one of my friend who bought couple of days ago for his own console. I got the same error with his DVD as well. Though both DVDs are working fine on his console. So whats wrong with me ? Is it my console or my Harddrive?

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    Re: Prototype 2 Error on Xbox 360

    Well, I don’t think there is no problem with your game DVD as per the situation you explained above. Probably it could be your XBOX HDD. Did you tried installing the game on any other harddrive ? If not, do it. I strongly suspect your consoles hard drive.

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    Re: Prototype 2 Error on Xbox 360

    As you said that both DVDs working fine with your friend's console, the culprit is your hard drive. There might be some space problem or the HDD might be broken. Try to install the game on any secondary hard drive. it should work.

    Also there are very less chances that problem might be with your console as well but most probably its your hard drive.

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