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Thread: Best Chat/Messaging applications for Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Best Chat/Messaging applications for Samsung Galaxy S3

    1. WhatsApp Messenger:

    WhatsApp Messenger is an application that is intended as a substitute for SMS messages, a truly incredible alternative to send free SMS. WhatsApp Messenger has the ability to send pictures, music, links or any type of file by phone. It is best also works with the Samsung GALAXY S III.

    2. OoVoo Video Call:

    ooVoo Video Call for Android lets you add or delete contacts at leisure, and access to their profile page where people can get their basic information (date of birth, language, place of residence, phone number, etc.. ). You can add a picture via the phone's camera or the pictures already in memory, but also change status, In addition, as Facetime, mobile ooVoo allows video switch from the front to the back of the camera. If you prefer, you can turn off the sound and video, and communicate via text chat. Now days this one of the best chatting application for android device.

    3. Fring:

    Fring is a communication service and a mobile internet community that allows friends to connect, share experiences and develop their online social networks together. Using the Internet connection on your mobile, you can interact with friends on all your favorite social networks including Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk , ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM. You can listen to music with your friends and see what your friends are on Facebook, receive alerts about Google Mail

    4.eBuddy Messenger:

    Ebuddy Mobile Messenger, a flexible multi-messenger brings to the Android phone. The free program connects mobile users with IM networks of MSN, Yahoo! , AIM and Google Talk - if required, at the same time. Operation is easy: just log in and let you see, on one screen, all contacts from various services, online and offline. Allow you to see active chats, and chat with your contacts and manage your account: everything you need for instant messaging app.

    5. imo instant messenger:

    Chat with your friends all in one app with our fast & reliable instant messenger. No need to create an account imo - sign in with your existing IM accounts on Skype, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ / AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, MySpace. Option to save chat history and along with this you can send multimedia attachments - audio, video files.

    6.Messenger WithYou:

    Messenger WithYou gives you the best of Windows Live Messenger (MSN) on your mobile or your Android tablet. Unlimited chatting with all your Messenger Contacts, anytime, anywhere! The app is FREE and there is no charge for sending & receiving messages!

    7. Skype:

    With Skype make video calls between Skype users and calls to mobile phones and cheaper rates. Although there are others like Tango Viber or making it a tough competition, I put this in the amount of users who also use the PC.

    8. Facebook Messenger:

    Social networks are growing rapidly now days and Facebook is fully integrated with this application on Android. THE other networks have been creating their applications like Myspace, Google +, Linkedin or Twitter. If you are a social being these are your applications. There is also some to join various social networks like Social Plus.

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    Re: Best Chat/Messaging applications for Samsung Galaxy S3

    I really like whatsapp, but it is really easy to lost whatsapp messages. Because it can only help backup messages for only seven days. Last time, I just accidently clear the cathe of Whatsapp on my Galaxy s6, all my messages are gone.

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