With features like Sync, tabbed browsing or adding to bookmarks with one touch you have access to everything you want. For maximum power search, multiple search engines Appear When You start typing in the Awesome Bar You can tap on the magnifying Also next to the Awesome Bar to see a list of your search engine options, or customize this list to your liking-through the Add -ons Manager.

Google Chrome:

The pages load in a flash. In addition, glance over the contents of the pages longer with hardware graphics acceleration. Experience the mobile web to speed Chrome. Chrome for Android introduces the preview links. This feature allows you to preview the page pointed to a link, but it still needs to be improved by the teams at Google. But this is still a beta and these defects will be corrected before the official release. Open as many tabs as you want on your phone or tablet. To switch to another tab, browse them on your phone just as you would with a deck of cards, or drag and scroll sideways. Surf the web with a streamlined browser. The Preview feature links facilitates the selection of relevant links. With the Search feature on the page, search for specific words on a page and have it scroll to see each of the matches found.

Opera Mini:

Opera Mini takes a lot of benefits that have the force of the browser on Windows, such as the home page which presents the leading bookmark your favorite sites. These shortcuts can save a lot of time and can be changed. Load times have been reduced considerably and really become more than bearable. The new Opera technology compresses images and graphics from the page before posting. Ideal for those who pay a data plan separately and do not want to stay connected too long.

Dolphin Browser HD:

One of the best web browser for Android and very fast and with features, tabs and plugins. They have come out the Firefox or Opera but to me is the one I like is the Dolphin, even better than the factory.