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Thread: Best Applications for Samsung GALAXY S III Smartphone

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    Best Applications for Samsung GALAXY S III Smartphone

    Hi, if you are going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3, here are few applications that you must have on your device. Just have a look:

    1. DocumentsToGo:

    DocumentsToGo turns your mobile into a tablet PC to use office software. It allows you to open Microsoft Word and Excel. With the paid version edit, view and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and view PDF files and also tie it in with your Google Docs. This program should come directly to android so useful.

    2. Touchnote Postcards:

    Touchnote - Postcards is an application to send postcards to anywhere in the world with your android device, With this application you can take a picture or you can take a photo or image check before your gallery and send it to the address you choose, it also gives you the option to be able to put effects to the image or words of memory in order to further customize the postcard to the person who receives it.

    3. Bump:

    Bump lets you share contacts, photos and other documents, tapping two phones together. Bump is an application for Android that is very famous for IOS capable of exchanging data between two phones with just the touch. Bump allows two phones to exchange pictures, contacts and applications! Bump makes sharing with others as simple as a collision (bump) between two phones. Just choose what you want to send, in the palm of the telephones and to pit his hand gently holding the phone with that of the user using Bump.

    4. Radardroid:

    Radardroid will alert you with voice alerts when you approach a speed camera or a mobile control. This application will give you peace of mind driving. Allows integration with Google Navigator or receive alerts in the background with any application. The best GPS speed camera warning. Voice tells the program when the user approaches a radar or mobile control.

    5. ES File Explorer:

    This application is to manage files, ES File Explorer is the best and not has any annoying ads. With a great interface, you can copy, cut and move files, select multiple, edit text and manage applications, compress and decompress files and connect via Bluetooth.

    You can download all these apps directly from the Google Play store by clicking on the names of the apps.

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    Re: Best Applications for Samsung GALAXY S III Smartphone

    I just noticed that most of us have our smartphones with us virtually constantly. I'm pretty sure that some of you know that there are thousands of applications that do thousands of different things accessible at the push of a button. Well, are you aware that few of them can even get you a little extra pocket change.

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