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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Leaked Details, Characters and Release Date

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    Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Leaked Details, Characters and Release Date

    The next GTA will be called Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). The release date of GTA V is currently unknown. However, there is good reason to believe that the game will be on the release in late 2012, GTA V be released first on Xbox 360 and PS3, then a few months later on PC. GTA V will be held in Los Santos (Los Angeles fictional counterpart) and its surroundings, including the countryside, hills and beaches, as stated in an official statement from Rockstar Games.

    GTA V will be held in the state of San Andreas. It should be noted that during an official press release, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the game takes place in Los Santos and the surrounding area, including the countryside, hills and beaches. GTA V seems to take place in modern times (the exact year is unknown), and given the different vehicles visible in the trailer.

    The main character's name is unknown at this time; however, we hear throughout the trailer, we even think that this is one of the characters present in the video. Some rumors even suggest the presence of multiple stakeholders. The main character, a father, arrives in San Andreas / Los Santos to take advantage of time and the "magic" that reigns in the place. Its ultimate goal: Make a cross on his old job and become a good person once and for all. Once in town, the protagonist pays a luxury home (do we begin the story by being rich, unlike GTA IV?), Thinking that he will live the traditional life of a father, that it will benefit from the sun, and he plays ball with his children. Unfortunately, things did not turn as expected...

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Leaked Details, Characters and Release Date

    Leaked Information:

    • The hero has become just one person; the name is Albert De Silva, as is told in a few rumors. Hispanic man with half of the family who was a crime in Vice City once, he decided to settle down with the kids in Los Santos.
    • Gunfight became more realistic. And shoot a gun from the window of the car; aiming becomes difficult depending on the speed camera is shaking.
    • Chase and the police track the car using the foot addition were added. Degree of vigilance by the police is to use the flash or van Riot Shield.
    • When the alert level reaches four stars, a warning is made??at several radio stations.
    • Radio stations began to report the actual traffic information. Players can hear the status of the route, such as from mobile and radio.
    • Increase a large amount of in-game TV channel.
    • The police car tracking the player and make the apparent speed violation, High-speed crash in damage to the health of the player.

    Leaked Levels:

    • Police will try to catch a player on foot. As long as the siren is not sounded, not speeding does not cause car chase.
    • The police are still attempting to arrest. If you pulled out a firearm have a gun battle. Even in the state have no firearms, the police will use a stun gun.
    • Trap on the road, radio station, a large number of police officers. 24 hours in the game search is continued as long as you can manage to avoid if someone has not done a briefing of the player.

    Checkout GTA V trailer:

    As usual, Rockstar is already showing the first trailer and game footage. This show started with the Vinewood district, which apparently serves as the scene of action. Since this classic in the letters of the Hollywood Hills is shown in the trailer, we assume that Rockstar this time Los Angeles (or whatever it is called Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos) will adjust. This includes the classic Downtown, Los Puerto Freeway and Little Seoul, which are written on street signs. Again, you can explore the city freely, do missions, or just turn up the radio and heat through the streets. These roads are also very busy and work in the trailer very much alive.

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