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Thread: Is Google Chrome the reason of BSOD (Blue Screen) on my Windows 7

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    Is Google Chrome the reason of BSOD (Blue Screen) on my Windows 7

    I donít know what has gone wrong with my Windows 7 since last couple of months. I bought new desktop PC 6 months ago. It was working very nice but since last 2 months am frequently getting Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). As my PC is still under warranty, I called the service guy, he check the error mentioned in the BSOD and replaced my RAM. I got a new stick of 2GB RAM  , I was happy that my problem is solved.

    But at the very next day again I got the BSOD. That was ridiculous. Whats the reason now ? After working around for about 4 days, I realized that I use to get the BSOD whenever I was working with Google Chrome. I donít know is it correct or not but I guess Google Chrome is the reason of getting BSODs on my system.

    Do you guys thing Google Chrome can be the cause of BSOD ?

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    Re: Is Google Chrome the reason of BSOD (Blue Screen) on my Windows 7

    Yes, you are correct. I can be 75% sure that Google Chromes caused BSODs. Because I have been through this situation soon. I use Firefox as my default browser but have had installed Chrome as an additional browser on my Windows 7 32bit system for some testing purpose. Though am using Firefox and Opera since years, I dint had BSOD on my PC but since I installed Chrome, I started having BSODs atleast 10 times a day. You can see the screenshot in the below image.

    After realizing the same thing I started testing and found that I get BlueScreen whenever Chrome is running in the background. So, Iíll recommend you remove/uninstall Chrome immediately to get rid of BSODs. Also, congratulations for your new 2GB RAM stick.

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    Re: Is Google Chrome the reason of BSOD (Blue Screen) on my Windows 7

    Even i agree with the same. There are thousands of users around the globe facing BSOD with Google Chrome, no matter its windows 7 or XP.

    You should uninstall Chrome and start using Firefox, opera or Safari.

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    Re: Is Google Chrome the reason of BSOD (Blue Screen) on my Windows 7

    hey thanks a lot 'razor'. That was really a great explanation and now am 100% sure that Chrome is the cause of random BSODs on my system.

    I really appreciate your help. I just uninstalled the Chrome from my system. Will see for 2 days if am still getting the Bluescreen and will revert back here with the results.

    Thanks a lot.

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