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Thread: Realplayer wont work, says need to download new software.

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    Realplayer wont work, says need to download new software.

    Hi, am having very old system running on Windows XP, P4 processor and 512 RAM. I know it sounds funny but am not upgrading it because am not so techie and use it only for browsing.

    Anyways, my problem is with Realplayer. Since last 2days whenever I try to play any video or MP3, it says that it need to download new software. After getting annoyed, I click it to download the new software, after searching for few minutes, it says No Software found. Thatís the worst part. What should I do? Please help.

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    Re: Realplayer wont work, says need to download new software.

    Though you dont want to upgrade your system, i will suggest you to upgrade atleast your media player. Whether its Realplayer or default windows media player, both are not so good as VLC player.

    Simply download VLC Player and have fun. It wont give any such error, also play each and every media format that you can't play in WMP or realplayer. 8)

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    Re: Realplayer wont work, says need to download new software.

    You can fix this issue simply by restoring your system to any previous point where it was working fine. You can restore your system from Start Menu, click on Accessories , than click System Tools and finally click on System Restore.

    Better than that, i'll recommend you to install VLC player 2.0 and get it rid of this annoying problem.

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