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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S Comparison

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S Comparison

    Hey guys, whatís up? So finally Samsung Galaxy S3 is launched. Well, am a huge fan of Galaxy S series, already had both previous galaxy series, Galaxy 1 and 2. Now, as I am planning to change my current handset, I got bit confused with few recently launched devices.

    I wanted to know which of these devices is the best and I should go for:
    1.Sansung Galaxy S3 (I remained fan of galaxy series)
    2. iPhone 4s 64GB (Its my dream to use Apple device)
    3. HTC One X (I read few reviews that state itís a very good devices and earn great respect from the users.)

    So, could you guys please help me out making some good suggestions and decision regarding the best of these and which should I purchase as my next smartphone.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

    Well the winner of all these 3 would be decided as per own choice, however I can only give you some points regarding all 3 devices mentioned above. If we talk about design, The new Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen offering full HD display that makes it above rest of the two devices. HTC One X is indeed good with its screen but due to few production issues it looses the top spot. Also, GS3 features an attractive design, very similar to galaxy Nexus. As compared to iPhone 4s, it couold have been better but Apple kept the design very similar to iPhone 4. Its front glass and back obviously looks good but at 9mm thick, it's not as good as the Galaxy S3. And the 3rd comes HTC One X that has the plastic body that can be bit slippery.

    Hence, as per the display and design, I vote for the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

    Thats really great explanation Tech-Master. Appreciated. Also if talk about Power in all these devices, i can say that yet Galaxy S3 wins if compared with iPhone 4S with its Mali 400 MP GPU, quad-core Exynos chip running at 1.4GHz, and 1GB RAM. Whereas iPhone has a dual-core 1GHz chip with 512MB of RAM.

    But what if galaxy S3 compared with HTC One X that also packed with 1.5GHz processor and 1GB Ram ? DAMN, it seems better or equal to GS3, isn't it. Yes, it seems better than S3 with these figures but when in the JavaScript benchmark test Galaxy S3 scored 1,479 points that is a good score. It is even better that scores of HTC One X, One S or iPhone 4S's 800 points.

    Though specialists were expecting more powerful config with the Galaxy S3 like a 2 GB of RAM that would have offer an unmatched multitasking but yet with 1GB of RAM, it beats ONE X and iPhone 4S.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

    Buying ant electronic device, specially smartphones and tablets, completely depends on your own choice. For example, i love multimedia, you can prefer web browsing, someone else can prefer photography etc.. Devices differs choice to choice. Anyways, while talking about camera, i must say that iPhone 4s could win here compared with GS3 or One X. All these devices are having 8.0 mega Pixel Camera but due to iPhone 4S's HDR feature and in-built editing tools, it remained favorite of millions yet.

    Another thing comes is the Software (Operating System). Whereas Galaxy S3 and One X runs on Android 4.0, iPhone 4S runs on iOS (no matter iOS 4 or 5). And hardcore tech addict people who actually love using smartphone will still go with iOS over Android due to its simplicity, user friendly and multitasking, including me.

    So if i want a good device for Photography, multimedia or web browsing, I'll still go with the Apple iPhone 4S.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

    Currently am using HTC One X and i must say that it is the best in HTC Smartphones. But if we compare it with Samsung Galaxy S3's huge, bright screen, powerful processor and attractive new design, it sounds lesser. As i have not used iPhone 4S for a longer time, i cannot say anything about it.

    As per many benchmarking and testing reports available on Internet, yet Galaxy S3 wins over One X and iPhone 4s. So, if you need conclusion, i must say that you should go for the new Galaxy S3.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs iPhone 4S Comparison

    I use iphone 4s its great phone with nice look and easy operating system. One most important thing is ios never hang. I use Samsung galaxy note it not up to my need. If you are iphone user then you wait for ios 6. If you compare cpu of iphone with others is not mach. See if iphone have 1ghz possessor, other phone have 1.2 ghz possessor but compare to 1.2ghz possessor of other phone iphone's possessor deliver good performance. Mac is virus free is the great advantage over android.

    So I love mac over android.

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