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Thread: My system boots and shuts down very slow

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    My system boots and shuts down very slow

    I have recently just formatted and reinstalled Windows Vista, the Business version, that I am facing an issue of abnormal slow at starting in my wireless, and it is even more sluggish when I shut it, it takes more than 10 to 15 seconds than it should. Any idea why I am facing this issue, I am really pissed off now.

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    Re: My system boots and shuts down very slow

    The easiest way to check is, first you should check the windows task manager which program is taking much more time. There may be some hard drive problem, can you hear voices from hard drive while shut down? Or there may be some viruses not allowing shutting down. Well I guess this would be enough to get your issue resolved.

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    Re: My system boots and shuts down very slow

    This usually when there is less storage in the disk drive where a window is installed or even if there are fewer spaces in all drives as well. I just wanted to ask that in recent have you installed any new applications in your machine, if there is such please let me know, coz that can too cause and make your laptop to perform slow than the normal speed.

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