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Thread: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

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    Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    Hey guys, need some help. Am a huge fan of Prototype series, played 1st part more than 10 times. Now recently I purchased the newly launched Prototype 2. Am trying to install it on my Windows 7 pc since last 5 hours, but unsuccessful. Every time am trying to install, Windows 7 Installer Crashes.

    That’s really bad part for me. I tried to find out some solution online but that too unsuccessful. Do you guys have any idea what should I do ? Please help. I want to play this game.

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    Re: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    Its been the problem with many high end games on Windows 7. But nothing to worry, there is a solution for that. Just follow the below steps:

    1. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator (You can do this by going to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Right click and ‘Run as Admin’)

    2. Now Open ‘User Account Control’. You can open this by simply typing UAC in start menu search field.

    3. In UAC windows, make sure Program name is Window Command Processor. If not, change it to Window Command Processor and click on Yes.

    4. No go back to command prompt and paste the below text at the REG DELETE Prompt.

    HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftSQMClientWindowsDisabledSessi ons /va /f
    5. Now tap Enter and you are done.

    Now restart the PC and try installing the game again. Please reply if you still face any problem.

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    Re: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    hey thanks for the quick and valuable comment friend. I think it worked but not completely. Now my installer is not crashing but getting another problem. it gives me error saying "Access is denied". I restarted PC and logged into my Admin account again, but still the same problem. How can i fix this now ?

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    Re: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    While following the steps mentioned by 'Gamer", did you run the command prompt as an Admin ? i guess, you dint. hence you getting this error. Do one thing, repeat those steps again by clicking "Run as Admin" on the command prompt.

    If you are facing any more issues with this game, checkout troubleshooting guide here.

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    Re: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    Oh Yes, you were right Rahul. I forgot to run the command prompt as admin and hence that problem occurred. I followed those steps again properly this time, and finally Prototype is ON on my system. A big thanks to you all guys.

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    Re: Unable to install Prototype 2 on Windows 7

    could someone plz explain how to do step 3 : the renaming and the program ..
    i opened the uac windows but i dont see any thing to rename .. thnx in advance

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