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Thread: Dual Boot Windows 7 with UBuntu

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    Dual Boot Windows 7 with UBuntu

    I have a few queries about dual booting windows 7 ultimate with Linux fedora 14 on dual independent drives. I am a college student with fair configured computer (windows) knowledge but am in the field of software development and would like to play around with some UNIX like operating systems for a change. I have no prior knowledge with Linux and have nominal knowledge of operation. i am at present running windows 7 and would like to keep it as my principal operating system. i do not want to share media files across drives or operating systems, windows does that just very well as is and I do not want to get into a third disk. My current drive is a 1tb WD black caviar hdd. Please give me a few tips on that if you have any.

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    Re: Dual Boot Windows 7 with UBuntu

    As a matter of fact, I am too looking forward on doing something like that and installing Linux on a separate drive to my RAID array having my present Operating systems. I will also be using a separate drive for Windows 8 when it comes out in Beta for testing operations. With my machine, there is an option during booting to choose an alternative boot medium for that specific boot. On my machine, it is the F11 key and it appears when you power up the machine. I typically use it when installing the operating system again, as I have them on USB sticks for convenience and of keeping them updated. Do you have a alike prompt when you switch on your machine?

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    Re: Dual Boot Windows 7 with UBuntu

    It does not show me to choose any alternate boot medium though when i enter my bios it allows me to set boot device priority, I cannot see anything else in my bios boot configuration settings for anything that is similar to dual booting to me. I will not get bothered if each time I wanted to run Linux i had to enter bios and choose appropriate drive.

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