As we all are aware of the newest Apple iPad 3 and its brilliant features with its retina display and improved camera, but the perfectionist still found few things missing in it. So I am here to share some of its drawbacks.

No Siri

Well siri is one of badly missed feature in the new iPad 3. Siri is nothing but Apples well known voice controlled personal assistant software which was first found in Apple iPhone 4S and it was likely to be introduced in iPad3 too. I hope that inclusion of siri in ipad3 would have proved an asset, which the users will surely miss.

Battery life Remains Unchanged

In spite of increasing the battery capacity to almost double i.e taking it from 25Wh from iPad2 to 42Wh in this new edition, the battery life remains unchanged. This might give you approximately 10 hours to work on it. Well there is the definite reason for the low battery life is the screen resolution provided by apple is too high and it consumes almost 40% of its power.

Same Screen Size

So it was extensively expected by the users that they might get the iPad3 in more then one screen size, but that too gets no assessment. The Size of the new iPad3 remains un-change which is highly disappointing.

Didn't found Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is nothing but the technology that allows the user to use their mobile phone as a digital wallet. Using this technology user can pay for their retail goods. Rumours came around that we might get this feature in iPad3 but the idea was dropped later on.

No Quad Core Processor

As the digital market is growing it is bringing up with new competitors. And many competitors in the market using a quad core processor for their tablet I was hoping that this time apple will also come up with its Apple's A6 quad core processor. This might have improved the speed of the emerging iPad3, but then it has the new dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed chip with quad-core graphics that might overcome the emptiness of quad core.

Gained more weight

Apple iPad2 weighed at 1.33 lbs which was lighter than the new edition. You will find it more thicker and heavier than the previous version. It weighs around 1.44 lbs and 0.37 inched thick which was earlier 0.34.

USB memory card slot MISSING

As in ipad2 apple failed again to add the SD memory card slot to expand memory. This is one of the badly missed feature in ipad2 and it was retained by Apple once again. I was hoping that they might overcome it but adding a SD slot but it didn't happened.