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Thread: Create partition in a hard disk

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    Create partition in a hard disk

    Hello you all people from the forum, I am a bit new to this forum and to the world of computers as well, I have recently purchased a machine, it is a bit old now, what my cousins are asking me to do is to create partition in my hard drive, but I really do not know, what does this means and how is it really going to help me in increasing the performance of my system?

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    Re: Create partition in a hard disk

    A partition can be considered as a container, as if a single drawer of a file cabinet. Each partition utilizes a filesystem to store and name data. Operating systems like Windows 98 make use of FAT32 which permits greater maximum partition sizes and stored data much capably than the FAT16 file system of DOS and Windows 95. Windows NT introduced NTFS file system, which provides better data security and proficient memory handling. Windows 2000 and XP is capable read and write to both NTFS and FAT32 partitions.

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