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Thread: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

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    Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    A web application with VB.Net as front end fails to upload Excel file to server on Windows 7. The Uploads folder rights should be granted to the IIS applicationpool user. This problem does not occur in Windows Server 2003.

    The error message given to me is as follows: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\SW\Uploads\IMPORT_file_4_2012-03-02_13.18.29.XLS'. There are several possible reasons:
    • The file name or path does not exist.

    • The file is being used by another program.
    • The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    A possible reason behind such an error is a malfunctioning caused due to multiple instances opened in the server at the same time. This is caused because when a file is opened in Excel it keeps its file handle open and is not closed unless the file is closed. The server is able to handle only one instance at a time. The functionality of Excel is such that the file handle opens on opening a file and remains open. This may be a reason behind your problem. The previous instance of the file handle needs to be closed in order to close the file.

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    IIS config and web config are the two things which are responsible for such an error. These two things need to be checked before running your application. Incorrect config Please check your IIS config and Web config . Your config needs to be verified. The problem may be persisting mainly because of wrong or improper config. Wrong or improper config leads to various kinds of errors which degrade the performance of the application. You can check your config on the following sites

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    Try the express installer option of the application. Sometimes it happens that when you install an application some of its contents are not installed or limited features of application are installed. In order to fully utilize the application try installing it using the express installer option. Using express installer makes the application to install it fully without any limitations so that it can be used as desired. It also eliminates many limitations which occur in the application installed without using express installer.

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    Microsoft does not entertain clients who are unattended or non-interactive. Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component is not supported by Microsoft. Microsoft does not perform automation of non-interactive clients in order to prevent future problems. It has the ability to restrict the automation of those clients and is carried out time to time. Microsoft makes use of various components to carry out this task and does take care of carrying it out effectively and precisely.

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    Try reinstalling Windows, it may fetch the problem. In some cases it happens that windows get infected with virus and the performance of the computer is hampered. To tackle this situation the best option is to install a fresh copy of windows on the machine. Installing a fresh copy of windows removes all the errors and installs new files which help your computer perform as earlier. It also protects our other important files from being infected and keeps our system safe from viruses.

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    Re: Error "Microsoft Excel cannot access the file" in Windows 7

    The application may be corrupt. Try reinstalling it. When the application becomes corrupt, its functionality degrades. This leads to various kinds of problems which take place during various operations. If it is possible to repair the application then it would solve the problem else the application will have to be reinstalled. Reinstalling the application makes it as it was earlier and can be used for the desired purpose.

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