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Thread: Encrypting data over SSD Fast or Slow on Windows 10

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    Encrypting data over SSD Fast or Slow on Windows 10

    I am using Windows 10 and just recently I found that through encryption I can keep my data lot more secure. But it looks like that it is very slow. I did that using third party encryption software but it did not helped and the system is just too slow. I am unable to do anything. I tried many stuff but it is not helping out.

    So just want advice. If I go ahead with a SSD upgrade and then use encryption will it be fast. I want to encrypt a folder. But I do not think there is a single feature of doing. I had read on some forums that SSD's are lot faster compare to regular hard drive.

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    Re: Encrypting data over SSD Fast or Slow on Windows 10

    Encryption does put impact on the system causing it works a bit slower than before. So you have to check that first. You will need to see that when you are encrypting try to use a single partition or single folder or very few files. So that the other part can perform really well.

    If you encrypt the entire hard drive then it would be very slow and your system won’t work faster. If you are playing games on your system then also it will lot more slowly. So you have to check that once. There are many software that let you to encrypt specific files instead of entire hard drive.

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    Re: Encrypting data over SSD Fast or Slow on Windows 10

    I am using True Crypt for encrypting. I have a laptop that has a SSD in it. I had seen some reasonable impact on the overall performance of my system. I do not find it very slow. But it is working fine. If you are using the right software then you won’t face much issue. Here for a good output the CPU matters a lot. Slow performance is caused if you are having a low end processor. Because it won’t be able to work with encryption fast and cause slow down of your system. Latest processors work lot better than older one.

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