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Thread: UBuntu operates slowly on Mine craft

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    UBuntu operates slowly on Mine craft

    Hi - I have a Dell dimension 9150 desktop system and talked about the processor it is dual Pentium D's, 4GB RAM, 500 GB of external hard disc, and Radeonx600 video card. It works nicely with UBuntu 11.4 for browsing, and along with the word processing etc. Then moment I began to work Minecraft , I get dreadful FPS performance, 2- 3 fps. No my question is that , do I need to buy a new video card .

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    Re: UBuntu operates slowly on Mine craft

    I have done all the standard suggested checks that is use Sun Java 6, and after that increase up the process priority. Well check out if it makes any difference. Also check the network is fine - 15mbs download. Minecraft is very bulky on video, and looking at the specs on the x600 it looks like a animal evaluated to what ATI provides for $100.

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    Re: UBuntu operates slowly on Mine craft

    The CPU is close as well to being at the bare-minimum in as far as playing this game is concerned, and as such, you may acquire some performance boost with a newer card, but I am not certain I would spend any money into this system since it is quite old (at least I wouldn't spend money to strive to make it play games) and it is doubtful whether you will really see a obvious improvement from just a card.

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