1. Budget - Around 20k

2. Display type and size -
want as big as I can get, I did some research found out that 27" monitor starts from 15k and 29" starts from 29k, sick difference. Maybe there is some monitor I don't know about which is more then 27" and under 25k.

3. Primary use of Tv/monitor -
Playing poker multi-tabling and casual gaming. Watching Full HD content.

4. Ports Required -
VGA to connect to my old laptop sometimes and HDMI if I can get it, coz then if I want I might be able to connect my xbox or D2H to it, when my desktop dies out (coz I will buy laptop after my desktop expires)

5. Preferred choice of brand?
Any brand will do, I just want to best video quality.

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration?

1) Benq GW2760 27-inch LED Monitor Rs. 16,100.00 Snapdeal
2) BenQ GL2760H 27-inch LED Monitor Rs. 16,559 Snapdeal
3) BenQ 27 Inch LED Monitor - EW2740L Rs. 17,990 Snapdeal
4) BenQ 27 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor+1920x1080 Resolution l GW2760HS - Rs. 19,490.00 Ebay
5) LG 27MP37HQ 27 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor (Black) Rs. 16,615 Infibeam
6) LG 27MP77HM IPS Monitor, black Rs.20,869 Infibeam
7) AOC 27 inch LED Backlit LCD - I2778VHE6 Monitor (Black) Rs. 17,333 Infibeam

8) ViewSonic 27 inch LED Backlit LCD - VX2770smh Monitor Rs. 20,000 Flipkart
9) Dell 27 inch LED - E2715H Monitor, black Rs. 18,799 Infibeam
10) SAMSUNG LS27E390HS/XL 27" LED Monitor Rs.20,800 Snapdeal, Rs. 19,174.00 Ebay
11) Acer 27" Monitor - Rs. 18,999.00

These are some models that I found which were around 20k and 27" in size. But I don't know which one is the best in terms of video quality. I can compare specs on the website but then AOC same spec will be much inferior then LG monitor I am sure. I can't test all those monitors practically that's why I look for help here.

My preference is : big screen, long life, finest video quality.