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Thread: Does Performance of Flash player get affected by ESET NOD32

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    Does Performance of Flash player get affected by ESET NOD32

    Iím using dell series laptop with a fresh install of window7 64it and Iím using NOD32 antivirus in my system. Iím using so many browsers like Google chrome, IE9, Mozilla Firefox. My Flash player is also updated. Problem is that whenever I watch any Video on YouTube, the performance gets very poor after few seconds. But when I play the same video on another system with same config and internet connection, it uses to be fine. The only difference in both of these systems is ESET NOD. Do ESET effect on the performance of Flash player?

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    Re: Does Performance of Flash player get affected by ESET NOD32

    Sometimes what happens is when you install antivirus in your machine it loads in the computer memory. This is done in order to protect your computers at all time from threat. When any program loads in your memory along with antivirus, it will consume much memory. If your computer doesnít have a lot of memory, it will affect performance of system along with any application just like YouTube. So the problem is you RAM memory. How much RAM are you using?

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    Re: Does Performance of Flash player get affected by ESET NOD32

    Yeah, thatís correct. RAM can cause the problem. What you can do is close all unnecessary process running in the background from task manager and see if your Video works properly. From my point of view node32 antivirus is the best antivirus it doesnít slow your performance. It allow to your machine fast. It protects your system from mal-ware, spy-ware and ad-ware. Also prevent all those applications to run on startup by typing MSCONFIG in start menu and disable all these application from the startup tab.

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    Re: Does Performance of Flash player get affected by ESET NOD32

    Many times when playing YouTube video you will see message that is transferring of data. I donít know whether you have seen or not. When browser transfer a data at that times your internet security checks all the files for virus. At that instant you will see that your performance of any application becomes slow if you are using kind of Internet security. Without antivirus you have seen your all application run in systematic way for some times and after that it freeze.

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