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Thread: New Firefox Browser for Windows 10

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    New Firefox Browser for Windows 10

    Windows 10 is soon going to enter in the RTM stage and I had seen that Firefox is also going to upgrade its UI for the same. Microsoft has adopted a modern screen of square boxes that does not look really impressive to me. So I want know a bit more about the Firefox output here.

    Windows 10 would be lot better this time compared to the free edition that many are using. But does this cause all the applications to upgrade and have a look like Windows 10. Does Firefox is really tweaking its UI to look like Windows 10.

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    Re: New Firefox Browser for Windows 10

    Yes it is quiet right that Firefox might get upgrade for Windows 10. It is already announced by Mozilla that they are having some plans about Firefox. They are going to make a common App for different platform. The new version of Firefox will be having a Windows 10 like UI that would be common tablets, pc and Smartphone’s. This would help users to more effectively use the browser among different platform. And also the output will be better. Here performance is a primary motive so that it can work well on all devices.

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    Re: New Firefox Browser for Windows 10

    Firefox is a popular browser and it is quite obvious that after upgrade it is going to become a lot better. So having a new UI might help people to use it more effectively. But with that I hope this does not cause any confusing.

    There are also so many add-ons for the browser that can enhance the device output. Firefox is a nice browser; from past few months we had seen that new updates have cause major performance issue in the browser. It is slow and does not work really well. There are other more things that are needed to be taken into consideration.

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