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Thread: External graphic card support for laptops

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    External graphic card support for laptops

    Laptops are not having much option for graphics cards upgrade. And even if that is possible then there would be major issue with the power efficiency.

    So I was just thinking if it is possible for laptops to have external graphic cards. In PC you have option to change the card. You can upgrade it anytime but in laptop you cannot do anything. Compare to that if we go and buy a gaming laptops then it is too costly.

    Until now I had not seen any kind of external graphic card support. If it is possible then it is going to save a lot of money. Some kind of dock to hook gpu on the same.

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    Re: External graphic card support for laptops

    Yes there is a possible option but it is not so effective and due to cost it is not really used by many. But there is a solution through which you can have a external graphics solution. And it is provided by AMD, called as AMD Graphics Amplifier.

    It is a kind of all in one package. Graphics Amplifier has a Blu-ray drive and also there are so many connectivity ports. It is a portable device which is quiet easy to use and has many features. You can add various cards on the same and you can play games through this. The connectivity is very simple on the same.

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    Re: External graphic card support for laptops

    I had seen this. It is by Alienware. It is a link a gpu dock. It has its own powersupply a blu ray player. But its costly I think. The good thing here is that you can use both Nvidia and AMD graphic cards on the same. It has its own 375 psu for the GPU. You will have to connect this to your laptop. Ii offers you to use Nvidia GeForce GTX 600 series and Radeon HD 5000 series gpu on the same. It is very easy to assemble and also it is convenient to connect. The output is relatively nice on the same. Being a Graphics Amplifier it boost the gpu.

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