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Thread: What is Kirin 950 Chipset

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    What is Kirin 950 Chipset

    I heard a lot of about Kirin 950 Chipset. I had seen that this is first introduced in some high end Huawei Smartphone. As far as I had seen there are this Snapdragon and MediaTek chipset Smartphone. But a lot of new phone are coming on Kirin 950 Chipset. Does this is a very high end chipset or it is a kind of china model like MediaTek.

    Today I think Snapdragon is one of the best in the market. I had seen phone on Snapdragon are performing really well without much issue. A leaked model Huawei Mate 8 is also coming on this chipset.

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    Re: What is Kirin 950 Chipset

    This is a chipset that is owned by Huawei. We are having three popular chipset in the market. They are Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung.

    This three manufacturer are providing one of the best models. But now Huawei came up with its own which is Kirin 950 Chipset. It is a nice one that will give a better performance for the phone.

    Kirin 950 Chipset is available in devices like Huawei P8. And also Huawei Ascend Mate7. Well there is nothing big difference if you see the configuration. The true thing is that it is a chipset by a new manufacturer.

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    Re: What is Kirin 950 Chipset

    There were two variation in this before. It was Kirn 930 and Kirin 925. And then the new version Kirin 950 SoC is out. I think all new upcoming high end phone of Huawei will come on this new high end chipset. And it also a China-based company. Kirin 950 is a 64bit chipset that brings more power to the phone. This chipset brings octa-core chipset.

    There are around 4 Cortex-A53 processor core and with that you get four more Cortex-A72 processors core. So you can just imagine what high end output it is going to offer. With that it also has a Mali T880 graphics processing.

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