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Thread: Top 10 Most Amazing Features In Windows 10

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    Top 10 Most Amazing Features In Windows 10

    Windows 10 is all set to launch official on July 29. Recently Windows released a Build 10162 for Windows insiders. Build 10162 shows that Windows 10 is almost complete and ready to launch. Build 10162 has only few issues. Things are bit more stable with Build 10162. Windows 10 is ready to serve billions of its fans all around the world. We are using Windows 10 technical preview form the very first day of its release. Just to remind you Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 10 is awesome and has great speed in terms of performance. Today I decide to tell you 10 great features of Windows 10. So let’s get started if you are ready.

    1. Start Menu

    In Windows 10, Start Menu is more Clean and intuitive. As we have mentioned that Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 10 and Windows 8. It has beautiful start menu which contains traits of Windows 7 and Windows 8. On the taskbar Menu bars icon looks similar to Windows 8 taskbar. As you can see in the images on this page, the Menu bar contains live tiles of applications on the right hand side just like Windows 8.

    Whereas on the left hand side Menu you see the most used applications, this is taken from Windows 7. It helps you to access the applications which you recently used. While, below you can see icon of File Explorer, Settings, Power off and All apps. In all apps, you can see all applications installed on your system. The highlights of Start Menu is live tiles which bring a very realistic feel.

    2. The Action Center

    With Windows 10, the Action center looks great and helps a lot in various tasks. This feature was lagging in Windows from a very long time. In Windows 10, all notifications are shown as a pop-up on the bottom-left corner of the Screen. The notification bar in Windows 10 comes inside the screen from the left side of the screen. The notification screen is transparent which gives a smooth look. Also the Action Center in Windows 10 for mobile is revamped. The final version of Windows 10 for Mobile will allow you to read and reply to messages directly from the notification bar instead of opening specific applications.

    3. Cortana

    The most important and powerful feature of Windows 10 according to my experience is Cortana. Believe me, I am not a Cortana fan but it helps a lot while working. As you know Cortana works as a digital assistant for you. Cortana is integrated in almost every part of the OS and with this Microsoft aims to improve the searching function. For example, you can tell Cortana to add a reminder for you, to send an email, launch any application and many more. Cortana is so important that Windows OEM Toshiba has added a new ‘Cortana Key’ in their Windows 10 Keyboard systems. Windows 10 also comes with a shortcut key for Cortana which is ‘Windows + C’. Cortana works in Microsoft Edge too.

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    Re: Top 10 Most Amazing Features In Windows 10

    4. Continuum

    This feature allows your OS to switch between a touchscreen mode and a Mouse, keyboard typical desktop. Continuum feature in Windows 10 allows OS to work seamlessly with devices which supports both mouse/ keyboard and touch screen input like Microsoft’s surface Tablets and Lenovo Yoga laptops.

    For such devices Windows 10 will be able to toggle between two mode available for operating namely Desktop mode and Tablet mode. In Tablet mode Windows arranges every open application according to touch-friendly layout. When you connect your Tablet to a keyboard it automatically switches to desktop mode.

    5. Switching between different tasks

    Switching tasks is easier and more seamless in Windows 10. As there is a shortcut key for switching between task ‘Alt + tab’ which works fine in Windows 7 and 8 but with Windows 10 it works better. Also you can manage different tasks with the help of various virtual desktop. You can easily switch between different desktops by using new shortcut keys like Windows Key + Ctrl + Left / Right as well as search files by using Windows Key + F and many more.

    6. Snap!

    Snap feature was first introduced in Windows 7 but with Windows 10 it plays a more important role in the OS. With ‘Snap’ you can arrange your screen in different parts. It intelligently arranges your open applications along different corner of screen. With Windows 10, now users would be able to separate their screen into 4 Windows (parts) whereas Windows 7 allows only 2 windows. Try this right now by just dragging your windows on edges of the screen and then you would see lines which allows to partition your screen.

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    Re: Top 10 Most Amazing Features In Windows 10

    7. Microsoft Edge

    As we have reported earlier, Microsoft has replaced its flopped Internet explorer with the new Microsoft Edge. It was earlier codenamed as ‘project Spartan’. Edge has new features like ‘reading view’ of page, you can now edit a webpage with a ‘web note’ feature. You can also add a webpage to reading list for reading it later. Also there are some new options in the Microsoft edge developer’s options.

    8. Windows Hello

    Since biometrics unlocking systems are in trend nowadays, Windows 10 also has a biometrics unlocking system. Windows Hello allows you to unlock your system with your face or iris. Windows Hello is a replacement of traditional password system in Windows. In Windows 10 technical preview, Windows Hello works very well and promising. As Windows 10 is launching soon we will see how it works in real time.

    9. Universal (Windows) Apps

    With Windows 10 a single copy of OS runs on Windows phones, Windows desktops as well as on Xbox console. So Windows third party application developers are required to develop ‘Universal apps’. By ‘Universal apps’ we mean that applications will work same on different hardwares and the only thing that will be changed is the UI of applications.

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    Re: Top 10 Most Amazing Features In Windows 10

    10. DirectX 12

    Earlier in any GPU or CPU only one core was allowed to talk (communicate) with other cores at a time. But With DirectX 12 things are different, it allows two or more core with each other simultaneously. It will allow developers to take advantage of power use to its full potential. The good news is that DirectX comes built-in in Windows 10.

    Windows 10 is scheduled to launch on July 29 so we are eagerly waiting to see the final version. Well, stay tuned with us, we will keep you updated.

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