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Thread: Google Cardboard - Everything you need to know

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    Google Cardboard - Everything you need to know

    Google has come up with Google Cardboard to provide an amazing Virtual reality Experience at an affordable cost.

    First released in 2014, under the cardboard project in order to bring advancement in Virtual Reality, Cardboard has rocked in the market. There isn’t any virtual reality device offered at such a cheap price which is affordable to one and all, that’s the reason it is called Cardboard.

    You can create your own headset by just using other day to day like Velcro, tape adhesive, etc. along with the cardboard. There are a variety of numerous apps to choose from Google Play Store and enjoy the astounding VR experience.

    Once you purchase the cardboard you will have to assemble it which is very easy to do, the package that you will get consists of VR headset, Velcro Strap along with an instruction sheet.

    Once you are done with setting up the cardboard, attach your phone it, the Velcro straps will hold it. There are different designs, colors and shapes of cardboard available.

    After you are done assembling the Cardboard, you will have to download the official Cardboard app from Google Play Store. You will be able to setup by connecting to NFC sticker on Cardboard or the QR code on the Cardboard via your smartphone, whichever is available. The device will be recognized and you can go through the default pre-loaded VR demos like tour the Palace of Versailles, Earth tour, windy day and more. Now there is this magnet on the device, which is actually your key to access your phone when using the cardboard, touching or moving the magnet will perform the same operation like touching your phone and as you can’t touch your phone this is one amazing feature of Cardboard. The magnet strip uses phone’s magnetometer.

    Now what I liked the best from these set of demos is the Earth tour, which takes you to cities and famous landmarks around the world, however if you are using a 1000-1500 rupees cheap device with low quality plastic lenses it won’t be much effective yet it is pretty satisfactory when experiencing average animations and similar stuff in VR.

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    Re: Google Cardboard - Everything you need to know

    Now let me tell you this device is addictive yet you canít use it for more than half an hour as you will face headache and dizziness, so make sure you arenít trying to spend your whole day with your VR just because it is that wonderful. However it is worth a try and you must surely experience it!

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