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Thread: Reason for buying Confrontation Game

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    Reason for buying Confrontation Game

    i would like to buy this game just because of below reasons which i have given below. I loved the factions. So many times I will see a table top game, and just not be interested in any of the options available to run. The world of Confrontation has tons of interesting option, that also have some unique play styles withing them. Skirmish vs Large armies: This was what brought our gaming group to this game originally. Small tactical fights, with a carefully crafted war band was great fun. The turn sequence. I love that each player would have their units acting at random during the game turn. This really added a level of strategy and planning that is just not there in EVERY other table top game, most of which has the entire army move before it is your turn. so i think this is one of the best game i have ever seen and i really like the all thing on this game. so what you all think on this game just comment here. thanks in advance...

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    Re: Reason for buying Confrontation Game

    i think game has been improved The miniatures. I think that they expanded too quickly (i.e. too many factions too quickly), but I loved the minis and the proper sense of size. Also, the instructions came in the blister, so you didn't have to buy every army book, and then a rulebook, like the GW model that everyone follows. And they didn't have plastic minis until later.

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    Re: Reason for buying Confrontation Game

    I was initially attracted to Confrontation by the style of the miniatures... specifically the Ophidians and some of the Acheron forces. At the time I didn't have much interest in playing the game, just collecting the minis I liked... but as time went on I got more and more interested in the background and that is what finally drew me into playing the game and collecting factions I wasn't originally interested in.

    What attracted me to the miniatures and then the setting and eventually the rules was the baroque nature of the whole affair. Maybe this is because it was French... but the Confrontation/Hybrid/Cadwallon... Aarklesh... felt very different from the standard fantasy presented in the U.S... which doesn't really appeal to me... too much macho posturing and soap opera... not enough mystery and whimsy. The stylized nature of the miniatures was exotic... as were the rules to the game (once I got a handle on them I liked them a lot... small warbands skirmish, the turn sequence, the ability of most any figure to take out another).

    I'm very fond of GW's 'Warhammer' setting... it's gritty and funny and scary all at the same time... in contrast Confrontation had a very magical feel to it... like a fairy tale. Kind of Disneyesque in a way. There was a lot of mystery and whimsy as well as gruesome horror (Dirz, Mid Nor, Acheron). Part of that mystery might be due to Rackham's odd approach to revealing the setting... bits of information scattered all over hither and yon... on cards, in catalogs and magazines, in the rulebooks for the various games. If you wanted the information you had to dig for it... and somehow this made the setting feel more alive.

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    Re: Reason for buying Confrontation Game

    There are lots of things that I loved about Confrontation. Some of the main things: miniatures - when I first got into the hobby, Rackham miniatures were the standard for excellence (before they switched to plastics....then they became a sad joke within the community). fluff and character design. I thought the universe was very well fleshed out, and the stories were inspiring. Lots of neat characters, spells/abilities, and equipment. skirmish gameplay - honestly, this point has me a bit concerned about the video game.

    The developers have made mention of controlling 4 "units" which sounds a little too much like they are taking their inspiration from CAoR rather than classic Confrontation (hence the name of the game I suppose). One of the best parts of classic Confrontation and skirmish games in general is that every individual character has a significance. In "unit" games, all the minis are much less significant, and feel like a lame attempt to create the illusion of something more grand (even though numbers in a unit essentially represent number of wounds of a single character/miniature in a traditional skirmish).

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