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Thread: Need a Best Motherboard for Core i5 2500K

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    Need a Best Motherboard for Core i5 2500K

    Want some help to find a decent motherboard for Core i5 2500K. I tried looking around in my local market but what I can find is all budget boards that mostly has a 1150 socket.

    I am not able to find anything that is better and can work lot more effectively for a gaming pc.

    I want some better suggestion for a Core i5 2500K processor. Other things are easy to find. But here I think motherboard quiet matters as it won't be easy to upgrade in future or get a better output if I go with a low end motherboard. I tried looking for some models but cannot locate.

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    Re: Need a Best Motherboard for Core i5 2500K

    With motherboard the chipset also matters a lot. There are two high end chipset in the market. They are Z68 and Z77.

    So if you are looking for a board then do not forget to check out the chipset also so that you get a lot more better one. There are many motherboards that comes with different chipset. But there are 6 main chipsets. And this all are available in Intel's Socket 1155.

    So here if you go with the Z68 or P67 or H67 then you can run a decent Sandy Bridge based cpu on the same. Compare to that more better budget solution then H67 and H77 are nice.

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    Re: Need a Best Motherboard for Core i5 2500K

    There are two motherboard in my views.

    The first one is ASUS P8Z77-V that is a pretty decent board and it offers you all new technology. I think this will be good as it is nice combination of performance and durable design. And also the cost here is around mid-range.

    The second one is Gigabyte Intel Z77 GA-Z77-D3H. I think this would be easily available in the market. I had seen a lot of Gigabyte motherboards that are easily available. The board is nice and offer you plenty of options for future upgrade. And also it deliver decent performance.

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