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Thread: Know What is DirectX 12 and its Importance

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    Know What is DirectX 12 and its Importance

    DirectX 12 is Microsoft’s latest set of Application Programming Interfaces for high end games and multimedia. Had Microsoft not introduced DirectX 12, they would not rule the gaming platform like how they do currently. First released with Windows 95, to get rid of DOS and boot disks for gaming on systems which made it a lot difficult to play games. Basically it gives direct access of the device hardware to games, so you don’t need to do all the complicated actions of booting into DOS and coding lines in autoexec.bat and config.sys files, to play a game.

    Because of DirectX users can give larger memory to games and also access to sound card, mouse etc.

    Microsoft introduced DirectX because it was very essential to make it easy for gamers to play games, so that they could focus on playing games rather than performing various frustrating steps to make a game run. DirectX was first released in 1996 and it has since changed the gaming world in PC to an unbelievable extent. Almost every game uses DirectX.

    DirectX has been improving since and the latest version.12.0, which will release with Windows 10. Now you also need to have a potent graphic card and latest system hardware to avail and make use of the benefits of DirectX 12.

    DirectX 12 will be the best so far:

    Now Microsoft has updated, enhanced and improved DirectX and the new DirectX version 12 in PC’s will not only deliver remarkable performance but also provide a better user experience. It will also provide frame rates similar to PS4 and Xbox One and also permit game developers to easily access to ESRAM of Xbox One and this time DirectX will offer many execution options which will improve performance and provide amazing graphics. It will provide Xbox One as a faster console and support 4K,

    Backward Compatible:

    DX12 is backward compatible, thus users with a year older graphics card don’t need to upgrade as DX12 will support DX11 devices. But hardware before DX11 will not be compatible with DX12. However this is great news if your users with graphics hard supporting DX11, which will support DX12 as well.

    Good news for laptop users as well:

    DX12 will support low-end systems as well i.e. laptops and tablets which have lower game computing power, as per Microsoft. Most gamers go for PC’s and invest in other components and don’t go for laptops to play high-end games. Yet, laptops will be compatible and tolerable with high-end games because of DX12.

    Multi-adapter Support:

    DX12 has more hardware choices, so this multi-adapter approach will allow game developers to divide the processing works between main graphics process and installed graphics card in CPU. So now the expensive graphic card will handle most of the load and CPU graphics will be left with easier work without much load, thus easily managing between the two and dividing load based on capability. This surely will improve performance and lead to minimal lags.

    4K Support:

    4K video! 3840 X 2160 resolution, Ultra high-definition! The future of gaming is here. Most developers are moving on to 4K and publishers want more games in 4K. It is gradually developing though, it will take around a year or two for 4K to become completely dominant and widespread in the gaming network.

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    Re: Know What is DirectX 12 and its Importance


    DirectX is surely providing a better platform for gamers in Windows 10 and Xbox. With better game performance and remarkable graphics and also 4K. DirectX will be a boon to PC and Xbox gamers.

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