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Thread: Awesome Single Player in Confrontation Game

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    Awesome Single Player in Confrontation Game

    i find Single player is awesome compare to multiplayer... If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to get back to the glorious days of the RPG golden days, you may have found your next obsession. Cant say much for the MP, but i guess with some love for more team vs team modes etc. it could be fantastic too. although I'm finding it impossible in Chapter 1 at the end of the Twin Flames level to get past the mini-bosses that are guarding the gate to the ruins where I am supposed to rejoin the rest of my forces.I have four people, The Scorpions have 5, featuring 2 biopsists and a belasarius (also a Dyasystis, or whatever). can anyone suggest me what i do....

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    Re: Awesome Single Player in Confrontation Game

    hello as you said i like the single player but i am seriously facing big issue on this game: I have one character with a group heal spell with a cooldown much longer than it takes for their magic-wielders to heal themselves. So I stun one biopsist, quiet the other and have someone physically attack the belasrius ( or various arrangements of the same idea). After attacking the magic wielders, they go down to one third health or so and then re-generate.

    But my stun and quiet are far from cooling down, so the Scorpions start casting fear and charm and provoke and I have no way of controlling my characters and they basically get slaughtered. The one time health spell is still cooling down, trying to apply bandages or agony bar relief doesn't work cause it takes way too long and you get whacked in the process......End of game.

    You can't even try hit and run, kiting, etc. because one of their characters always does provoke, so you can't leave the area. So, have I totally lost whatever skills I had OR is this scenario possibly just a bit unbalanced?? Don't know if you've even gotten this far in the SP, but if not maybe somebody else reading this has. does anyone know whats happening here...

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    Re: Awesome Single Player in Confrontation Game

    Hello dhruv, I had Zelia approach the Scorpions. As soon as I saw the first one through the fog of war I had her do a Retribution spell on him. This debuffs him, evidently including provoke. Instead of then having the characters stuck in the original area because of provoke, I could now have them run back a ways to a narrow gate down the road. This proved a good choke point and even though one or two of the Scorpions got in to pursue Zelia, Darius was able to guard the gate while the other three characters were more effectively able to deal with a couple of Scorpions at a time instead of five. I was able to eventually wear them down and continue the game.

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    Re: Awesome Single Player in Confrontation Game

    It's really interesting to see people's perspectives! I thought the rest of the game so far was fine as far as challenge--doable as long as you put a little thought into tactics, but this area just seemed impossible Curious how you did the area--if you defeated them straight up somehow, I'd really like to know how. Or did you sort of pull an exploit/cheat like I did? More generally, I really like the Baldur's Gate style control scheme/strategy stuff. To me, this game, so far, has none of the life, dialogue, charm and mostly just FUN of those games. And so far, I've opened about 6-7 chests and gotten like, 8-9 bandages, Chests are supposed to have great, cool stuff in them, or at least do something interesting like explode in your face or catch you in a poison trap. I want loot. Then again, if you have no inventory or economy, or anything, you're not gonna get loot.

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