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Thread: What are some good xp shortcuts?

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    What are some good xp shortcuts?

    Hello Friends,
    I am working on the windows Xp system from the last few years and it is really serving me the best. What sound more interesting in it is its shortcuts. There are various shortcuts which can make our work easier and simpler. But is there any way to create your own shortcuts in Windows XP. If yes then please let me know what is the best possible ways to do it. Also list me some good shortcuts in windows XP

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    Re: What are some good xp shortcuts?

    These are some cool shortcuts listed below..

    [SHIFT] + [alt] + [PrntScrn] high contrast
    [Alt] + [Tab] switch between running programs
    [SHIFT] + [Del] bypass Recycle Bin
    [Windows] + [D] show desktop or restore open windows
    [Windows] + [R], type cmd, hold [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] and hit Enter run command prompt as Administrator
    [Ctrl] + select items from taskbar, right-click selected mass control open windows

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    Re: What are some good xp shortcuts?

    here is a trick to create your own shortcut

    First you need to create an actual desktop shortcut. Right-click on the application and select &gt; Create Shortcut from the context menu. Make sure the shortcut sits on your desktop. Now right-click the shortcut and select Properties. You should see a line that says “Shortcut Key: <none>”. Click that line and then click a letter on our keyboard, for example P. A shortcut will be created, in this example [Ctrl] + [alt] + [P]. And there you go; now you have your own personal shortcut key.

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