While there is only a month left for the official release of Windows 10, Still its testing builds in work. On the other hand the development and testing of Windows 10 for mobile is also going on side by side and the proof of this is these weeks release of new build numbered as 10149 for Mobiles.

Earlier there were many rumors about the build 1047 on internet and yesterday Wzor lead the release note of the build 10154. We thanks to Wzor for this leak so now we can see the fresh changes in this new version. Build 10154 is intended to Window’s partner and it is not available to Windows Insiders. This new version fixes numerous issues as this version completely focuses on bug fixing and performance improvement of the operating System and applications.

As we can see in the leaked release note build 10157 fixes many issues of Microsoft Edge and many more. According to leaked release note, “when a user shut down Microsoft Edge, restarts the device, and then relaunches Microsoft Edge after the device boots up, the Microsoft Edge now launches fresh, as expected. Before this fix, Microsoft Edge would recover when relaunched in this situation,” this is one of the many bug which are resolved with new Build.