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Thread: Top 5 Best Dual Sim Smartphone’s

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    Top 5 Best Dual Sim Smartphone’s

    Here are the top 5 Smartphone’s which are basically sold maximum in the market.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Pro Duos Y

    Let's start with this Samsung model, arriving in the middle of this year. I honestly do not understand why the various industry giants are not investing more in this area. Perhaps because the volume of Smartphone’s sold in combination with a telephone subscription would be halved, or perhaps because no phone company wants to leave a door open to competitors. No matter what the facts are these: there are only a few high-end models in this area, and the best are located roughly in the mainstream? Good for us, if we do not want to spend much money in buying a dual sim phone.

    Samsung Galaxy Pro Duos Y is good phone for two reasons: first, the choice of using a QWERTY keyboard combined with the touch screen. Many of my relatives, especially those in the most over the years, they cannot just use a phone without a keyboard! The second thing to note is the quality of the processor, and camera. We are not at the highest levels, nothing comparable to an iPhone, but the results we can achieve are not all bad.

    2. Nokia X2-02
    A little 'more mischievous is the model proposed by Nokia. Besides the traditional functions in all cell phone Dual Sim (handle calls simultaneously, ability to switch from one number to another number choice to use, and so on) on Nokia X2-02 has a very special book. Why? Why can handle up to 5 different sim without being confused, and can do just as well with messages? I honestly do not know who could serve a phone with 5 different numbers, but as they say?

    To this we add, in this brief description, the integration between the phone and the Nokia Music. In fact we've got a good phone that is a great music player. Among the things that I liked the choice of using Opera Mini as a browser (I am convinced it is the best browser for Smartphone’s at the time) and gadgets to keep under control your account with Facebook and Twitter.

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    Re: Top 5 Best Dual Sim Smartphone’s

    3. Motorola Milestone XT800

    The first dual sim cell phone is the Motorola Milestone XT800. Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing wrong. I like it for two reasons, for a change: the camera and the operating system. Camera just know that the resolution is excellent, 5 MPX, like that of some high end phones.

    The second reason is related to the appreciation of my choice to use Android as the operating system. Ok, maybe the fact that Motorola was recently acquired by Google could make this obvious choice, but believe me, it was far from clear. Whatever the operating system that allows a good job of optimizing this integration with Motorola all Google services. What does it mean? It means you can comfortably use Google Maps, GMail, YouTube, Google Talk, Blogger, Google Plus, Google Docs, Google Translate (try the translation function in real time, it's worth it: even if it is not the Babel Fish Douglas Adams did not make it any less interesting and useful) and the rest of the world of big G. Needless to say that for people who are often oriented toward the digital world could be a valuable resource.

    4. Acer DX900

    In this quick list of the best dual sim phones could not miss an Acer. On other occasions I have had occasion to complain of this brand: not today, today I must admit that the work done to produce the Acer DX900 is quality. And not just for the screen, bright, and the excellent management of the Touch Screen.

    I appreciate, really, the choice of integrating a real GPS and not one of several A-GPS systems so prevalent on Android. Perhaps those who do not travel a lot will not notice the difference but if you love exploring new places you know what I mean. Incidentally, a good way to use a dual sim mobile phone may be the simultaneous use of our number and that of the country we are visiting. A phone for tourists, in fact.

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    Re: Top 5 Best Dual Sim Smartphone’s

    5. Fly E 106 Touch

    If you understand German, if you frequently use MSN Live Messenger and if you want to try a phone unknown to most people then you can throw on the Fly E 106 Touch. Maybe if it was a bit 'less targeted cell may become a truly competitive. For the time being limited to being the one with the best motion sensor, and the one with the highest yield in the acoustic field (if you like listening to FM radio). Conversely, and not a small thing, we have the poor battery life.

    Perhaps the last model was added to this list exemplify the current state of things: there are very few good Dual Sim phones on the market. So little to do hard work to get to 5 to recommend.

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